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BetCoin Review – 2019 BetCoin Sports, Withdrawal & Bonus Review 2019!

BetCoin Review Summary

BetCoin is just another one of the many Bitcoin-only sportsbooks to open up over the past couple of years that service the US market. They started their doors in April 2013. Together with the art applications along with a web page, themselves have flipped to real players in US markets that were betting. BetCoin is located and located in Costa Rica, a country for gaming operations. Their servers, however, are situated over a thousand miles off from Amsterdam. The team supporting BetCoin has over 16 decades of experience in the international industry at fiat-based sportsbooks.

Many of the creators of BetCoin also have ownership in the Winning Poker Network, one of the offshore poker rooms. Players have been paid by them consistently since opening their doors and also offer Bitcoin as a deposit method. BetCoin has four different brands which can all be obtained from the identical account. They give a full size sportsbook, a Las Vegas-style online casino, poker room and dice games. They also take deposits via Litecoin, in addition to accepting Bitcoin. Like most sites rigorously run on crypto-currencies, they shoot players from pretty much every country on earth, including grey and prohibition online markets.

A Personal Comment On BetCoin


Their interface and software are among the better products in bitcoin markets. It's state of the art, and it is clear they spent a great deal of cash. They're also among those BTC sportsbooks to provide a VIP program along with a deposit bonus. They also contain low juice for several significant markets. Also, although they clearly cater to North American markets, they've quite a few betting options from all over the world. There is no lack of choices for players that are trying to wager on smaller markets or foreign sports.

They have quite a neighborhood surrounding their site. There are forums which have a participant chat area that runs on all their platforms plus lots of articles daily. They also enable players to transfer money. This used to be standard at online poker rooms a decade ago, but is not as common today, particularly in the US marketplace. Moving funds between accounts can be achieved and is an excellent feature for assisting a few get in the action


BetCoin does pay the majority of their gamers fast, but their service staff has turned into regarding dealing with answer times and gamers, a bad reputation. Although they provide live chat service, but problems have been reported by gamers with their availability. This is disappointing considering community and their large forum existence they have built around the site. It doesn't appear to be affecting sign-ups or player amounts a lot of since there's always folks chatting or posting in their forums.

It is a problem if you need something handled by assistance. They do seem to be a bit slow to help. There have also been difficulties with bets being credited by them which is a little bit of an issue, especially with support that was intermittent. BetCoin appears to be improving on a weekly basis. Their website has changed problems with software and service have gotten better each year and as their doors started from 2013 they have been in business.

Their ties to the Winning Poker Network have compensated players in a timely manner and always should provide prospective bettors a bit more confidence as they have been in the market. When they lacked security protocols, their ties into that room made a stir fry, however, this has since been fixed.


BetCoin doesn't offer as much quite as much anonymity in contrast to other BTC-based sportsbooks. While for many shops, this is discretionary, they need an email address to sign up. It is certainly not a deal breaker in case you appreciate anonymity, though, there are. The principal reason that they connect addresses and balances together is because of their large deposit bonus.

First-time depositors will get a 1.0 BTC bonus should they deposit 5.0 BTC or longer in their first deposit. They don't provide a percentage or game bonus, the 1.0 BTC bonus the min and max amount that gamers will get. The bonus comes with an rollover rate, but a couple of requirements are that gamers need to follow to clear it. Until the bonus can be cleared by them, players must wager at least 20 times, and at least 10 of these bets have to be made in the sportsbook. They can clear the bonus from the casino.

BetCoin Review Highlights


When BetCoin is deposited into by you, your BTCs will soon be converted into what is named Universal Sports Dollars. This is an currency utilized by the family of sites that are BetCoin. 1.0 BTC equals 1,000 Universal Sports Dollars. From accruing these points players will unlock their deposit bonus. The VIP Program at BetCoin is remarkable. It has over three dozen tiers, which supply different reward levels, such as"lossbacks" along with"betbacks"along with other incentives such as"shock boxes".

Players can earn points for each wager they set, and their rewards will increase with each degree, as they progress through the program. The amounts are going to take a whole lot of play but provide rewards, such as 20% losses returned and 2% back to the amount payable. Even the VIP program at BetCoin is a welcomed addition to some BTC betting market that does not offer much in the realm of benefits for gamers. Those who are interested in being rewarded for their play and desire a VIP Points system ought to look to get an account at BetCoin.


Their wagering platform for a whole is easily the most advanced we've observed in the Bitcoin betting world. It has changed a long time as their doors opened and can be currently looking software out there. Regarding functionality, it does not disappoint.

BetCoin targets North American sport but doesn't dismiss other markets. Their website is completely interpreted into Russia, so there's a lot of action on major European sport, together with smaller markets. Football is extremely well represented, with all leagues all over the world for gambling available. Sports like cricket, handball, rugby, darts and more are all available also. Their markets are similar another BTC-based book that's virtually everything under the sun for wagering, to Nitrogen Sports. BetCoin has the best betting system for sports bettors that are bitcoin. All the markets have betting available for each game and smaller markets have in-play wagering. They move a bit beyond inches and sides. There are a great deal of team propositions out there for betting, using a dozen or more stakes for each contest.

They do not offer low juice markets for many sports, however they available for both pro and college football and basketball, MLB baseball and many professional soccer leagues. Their wagering menu for every game is striking. They've got an assortment of odds such as, substitute lines, propositions, and futures markets. Their wager types are one place where they do not have a lot to offer apart from teasers and parlays. Odds for these are around the market standard. But they do intend to include different kinds of wagers and reverses, round pleasers and also robins in the forthcoming months.


Betting limits in change quickly. Their minimal varies per match, it could be 0.00001 BTC (0.01 mBTC) or even 0.0001 BTC depending on it. They also have a maximum bet for the majority of the markets of 2.5 BTC, which now is equal to about 11,250 USD. For lesser known gambling and a few prop markets, bettors can expect anywhere from 1.0 to 5.0 BTC as a betting limit. has a page where they describe the different limits existing on their own platform. Their maximum limit is equivalent to about $11,250 based on a price for bitcoins. This makes BetCoin a bitcoin sportsbook that is big. Some websites don't take this large to wagers, which makes high limit bettors them.


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